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Ashirvad pipes: The inventors of Column Pipes made of UPVC

Ashirvad is the pioneer of uPVC Column Pipes, also known as Riser or Drop for submersible pumps as well as the largest manufacturers and exporters of uPVC Column Pipes in the world. Today these pipes are being successfully used in erection of Submersible borehole pumps up to depths of 1000 feet in several countries of the world where they are exported by Ashirvad Pipes. As on date, more than 2.7 million successful installations have taken place across the globe using Ashirvad Column Pipes. With its unique patented technology of WIRELOCK system, uPVC Column/Riser/Drop Pipes of Ashirvad are the best replacement for GI and HDPE Pipes.


About uPVC

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) pipes are made from a combination of plastic and vinyl. These pipes are durable, hard to damage and long lasting. They do not rust, rot, or wear over a long period of time. Due to the ability of uPVC pipe to withstand extreme movement and bending, it is also increasingly used in earthquake prone areas. It can withstand rigorous shaking of earth without experiencing any damage. The smooth surface of the pipe is also resistant to bacterial contamination such as E.coli


Design features

Inventors of column pipes

Ashirvad Pipes based at Bengaluru was the first in the world to design, develop and manufacture Column/Riser/Drop pipes using uPVC. Available in diameter 25 mm to 160 mm, these pipes are the ideal replacement for G.I and HDPE pipes and are recommended for installations up to 1200 ft. with submersible borewell pumps.

More than 25,00,000 successful installations

More than 2.5 million successful installations have taken place across the globe with Ashirvad Column Pipes. Ashirvad Column Pipes are made of uPVC and are non corrosive, hi-tech, hi-tensile pipes having a successful track record of over 20 years across the globe.

BIAX™ technology for extra pipe strength

This technique has been developed for the first time in India by Ashirvad Pipes wherein the uPVC molecular chain gets linearly and diametrically oriented during the process of installation. This results in higher impact strength.

Exporting to 35 countries

Ashirvad is the largest manufacturer and exporter of column pipes in the world and these pipes are exported to 30 countries. These pipes are being successfully used in erection of Submersible borehole pumps up to depths of 1200 feet all over the world.

Why ashirvad column pipes?


Design Registered - Patent registered in India Patent also registered in Europe, South Africa and Nigeria In this unique WIRELOCKTM system developed by Ashirvad Pipes, the coupler (1” and above) is fitted to the pipe and locked with special stainless steel wire, thus eliminating the chances of coupler loosening and column slipping during dismantling and / or installation process. It also prevents excessive tightening of coupler with the pipe. Only Ashirvad has this unique system which is now patented.


Leading innovation in PVC pipe industry since 1975, Ashirvad Pipes was the first to develop Column Pipes for submersible pumps made of uPVC. Installation of these pipes becomes very easy due to coupling. The ‘O’ ring, sealant and gripping system provides leak proof fitting and also absorbs the vibrations of the pump. This results in extended life of motor and pump bearings.


Unique thick and thin construction of pipes: This innovative technique for making pipes thicker at the threading end to compensate for material removal due to threads, is an innovation made only at Ashirvad. The residual thickness in the end part after removal of thread is the same as barrel thickness,, Therefore the pipe strength remains the same.


The joint of pipes have been specially designed with square threads to ensure proper gripping and no chance of slipping. These threads are high friction threads on load, which do not open even on constant forward and reverse torque generated by starting and stopping the pump. All threads are checked thoroughly with fitment gauges to ensure 100% accuracy.

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Our 10 assurances

State of the art manufacturing facilities.

Advanced machinery for superior quality.

Advanced machinery handling systems.

100% incoming raw material inspection.

High dimensional accuracy to maintain quality of each pipe, to ensure 100% customer satisfaction

Stringent quality checks at every
level of production

100% finished goods inspection.

Every batch of products lab tested

Quality parameters are same for
domestic and export supplies

Regular external lab testing of products in India

Column Pipe Accessories

Ashirvad Pipes also supplies Ashirvad marked bottom and top adaptors for fitment with Drop / Riser Pipes. Bottom adaptors are available in cast iron and stainless steel for connecting the bottom pipe with the submersible pump. Our threads are in 11 TPI. Bottom thread of the bottom adaptor and Top thread of the Top adaptor are 11 TPI.


Frequently asked questions

Ashirvad Pipes is an ISO 9001-2008 company accredited by a leading quality registrar. It has innovated and developed several new products to suit the customer’s requirements and these products are well accepted across the country. Ashirvad has a well developed distributor, dealer and service network in India and in several countries worldwide.

Savings on

(a) Cost of pipes

(b) Handling time

(c) Power

(d) Water discharge upto 30% higher

(e) Working life of pipes is much more

(f) Zero maintenance.

Due to smooth internal surface, friction is low and therefore we get more water. Over a period of use, the steel pipes get corroded, rusted and the water quality deteriorates. In Ashirvad uPVC pipes, since there is no corrosion or rust throughout the depth of column pipe, the water quality remains good.

The specific gravity of uPVC is 1.4-1.45 gm/cm3 where as that as steel has 8 gm / cm3. Taking the strength of the material into consideration, the pipes are optimally designed to make them light without any compromise in their strength requirements.

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