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Aqualife Water System

Ashirvad Aqualife Systems do not support combustion and are therefore ideally suited for use in buildings and houses, exclusively for cold water pipelines. uPVC must be forced to burn due to its High Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of 45. LOI is the percentage of oxygen needed in an atmosphere to support combustion. Since the Earth’s atmosphere is only 21% oxygen, uPVC will not burn unless a flame is constantly applied, and stops burning when the ignition source is removed.


Design features

Lead Free

Ashirvad Aqualife is a lead free system making it an ideal and safe system for potable water distribution. It conforms to the latest standards for pipes meant for drinking water supply and is preferred worldwide.

Design Registered and Easy to Install

Ashirvad is the first to come up with the alignment system, making the system easy to install and maintain. Ashirvad Aqualife pipes and fittings are lightweight - approximately one-half the weight of aluminum and one-sixth the weight of steel - reducing transportation, handling andinstallation costs.

Strong and Durable

Ashirvad Aqualife pipes and fittings are highly resilient, tough and durable products that have high tensile and high-impact strength. They withstand high pressure for long periods. Thesepipes and fittings are free from corrosion, rust, weathering andchemical action and hence have a longer proven life term.

UV Resistant

Ashirvad Aqualife pipes and fittings are UV resistant offering better resistance to ultraviolet degradation.


Ashirvad Aqualife pipes and fittings are UV resistant offering better resistance to ultraviolet degradation.

Why ashirvad aqualife?

Freedom from Toxicity, Odors, Tastes

Ashirvad Aqualife pipes and fittings are non-toxic, odorless and tasteless. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) are durable,hard to damage and long lasting. They do not rust, rot, or wear over a long period of time. Therefore, uPVC Aqualife solvent weld plumbing systems are a true Engineer’s delight and ideal for cold water plumbing applications.

Good Chemical Resistance

Ashirvad Aqualife pipes and fittings are inert to attack by a widevariety of strong acids, alkalis, salt solutions, alcohols and many other chemicals. They do not react with materials carried, nor act as a catalyst.

Good Corrosion Resistance

Ashirvad Aqualife pipes and fittings resist chemical attack by most acids, alkalis, salts, and organic media such as alcohols and aliphatic hydrocarbons, within certain limits of temperature and pressure.

Industrial fumes, humidity, saltwater, weather, atmospheric, or underground conditions-regardless of soil type or moisture - cannot harm these pipe and fittings. Scratches or surface abrasions do not provide points at which corrosive elements can attack.

Low thermal conductivity

Ashirvad Aqualife pipes and fittings have a much lower thermal conductivity factor than metal pipes. This ensures that fluids maintain a constant temperature.

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Our 10 assurances

state of the art
manufacturing facility

Advanced machinery for
superior quality

Advanced material
handling system

100% incoming raw
material quality inspection

High dimensional accuracy
to maintain quality of each
piece to ensure a defect free system

Stringent quality checks
at every level of production

100% finished goods
quality inspection

Multiple quality checks for every Aqualife brass fitting that leaves the Ashirvad factory.

Every batch of products
lab tested

Regular external lab testing of products in India.

Ashirvad aqualife fittings

All Aqualife pipes and fittings manufactured at Ashirvad follow a stringent quality control procedures ensuring you only get the very best results. We put safety on priority with burst pressure checks, drop impact tests, and tensile strength tests, just to name a few. We offer a diverse range of pipes and fittings for your every need.


Ashirvad aqualife accessories

Ashirvad offers a range of accessories to enhance and optimize the use of your Ashirvad products. Learn more about our accessories by downloading our brochure.

Frequently asked questions

Lead free plumbing system is the most favored for potable water transportation worldwide.

U.V. Resistance prevents the oxidation process and helps to increase the durability of pipes and fittings.

Yes, As a professional, you will quickly realize that uPVC can be installed much faster than metal systems. Financial savings are also realized with regard to lower tool costs and insurance advantage. Even considering the frequent rise and fall of the metal price structure, uPVC offers a continuing materials cost advantage, as much as full 50-60% of material savings today.

Tests performed at various independent laboratories confirm that uPVC is superior to metal systems in terms of water quality effects and “no more toxic than wood” in fire. Ashirvad Aqualife uPVC system is manufactured from a compound which is lead free and hence most favored system in terms of health and safety, LOI of uPVC is 45, which means uPVC is not reality burnable in atmosphere. Once the burning source is removed, it stops burning.

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