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Ashirvad Plumbing School – Plumbing Technology for The Nation

Ashirvad Pipes, the pioneer of Indian water management industry, provides long lasting and smart solutions coupled with intelligent technologies that ensure sustainability and convenience. Ashirvad Pipes always believes in giving back to the Society.

Real progress occurs when privileges are balanced with the responsibilities towards society. Ashirvad has always laid emphasis on progress with a social commitment. We always believed strongly in the core values of empowerment and betterment of not only our internal family but also our communities at large following this principle. Looking at the current plumbing skills in India, recently Ashirvad launched a Plumbing School at Bangalore. Ashirvad Plumbing School is conveniently located along the Bangalore- Hosur National Highway.

“Study shows that 80% of the rural youth drop out of school or college and remain jobless. The reasons for this range from the inadequacy of education system, poor employability to the lack of understanding of the concept called dignity of labor. Our studies and research show that out of the number of students passing out of college only 30-40% of them are really employable.”

To be eligible for this program, an individual has to be minimum 10th pass or appeared. ITI or Diploma Graduates will find this program most beneficial. The program offers you placement assistance. The opportunities for plumbing and its related sectors are booming alongside with the infrastructure developments. Water management and conservation being the primary consideration in any infrastructure development these days, it is the plumbing sector that is playing a critical role in the construction field.”

“After a thorough research and study in understanding the above issue is the very reason for the establishment of Ashirvad Plumbing School. Ashirvad Plumbing School is an institute developed on the understanding of the lack of professionally trained labor and employment opportunities in India. This institute with a state of the art infrastructure and advanced syllabus is a product of Skill India initiative by the central government.

Ashirvad Plumbing School is nominated for “Center of Excellence” by IPSC (Indian Plumbing Sector Skill Council)

A Comprehensive Curriculum

  • Introduction to Plumbing Systems
  • Installation of Basic Sanitary Fixtures
  • Exposures to construct different toilet groups
  • Repair & Maintenance of all Plumbing Products
  • Subjects on STP, WTP, Solar, RO Systems
  • Mindset development training on every Sunday
  • Training on Environment, Health and Safety System.
  • Industrial Visit
  • Employability & Entrepreneurship Skills


The Ashirvad Plumbing School is the first of its kind education program in India. The Institution provides a complete Gurukul methodology learning program in which 80% of the curriculum is practical and the rest 20% Theory. The program as a whole is a comprehensive personality development program of a plumber. The Life Skills, Entrepreneurial Skills and Soft Skills training are also being taught during the course. This means that every one of the students will get an absolute professional attitude and ample hands-on-experience after taking the course.

The course is being introduced by the Ashirvad Pipes Private Ltd. The method of teaching adapted here is tested, proven and running successfully from First Batch under NSDC.

The Course Also Includes

  • Morning Warmup session.
  • Yoga sessions.
  • And Various Skill Development Classes.
  • Various plumbing environments such as washrooms and toilets for Hospitals, Hotels, and others will be recreated separately and make students work on it. This is the kind of practical exposure the students are getting from the course. This will provide the students a real plumbing work atmosphere and will help them to be skilled to the maximum.
  • Ashirvad Plumbing School is aiming at creating professionally skilled, certified labors who can easily secure a job in the country and outside.”

The “X’ Factor

Ashirvad Plumbing School is a training institute through which we train prospective and amateur young professionals on plumbing technology in association with Indian Plumbing Skill Sector council (IPSC)

The course & infrastructure details are as follows:

  • The course designed & recognized by IPSC
  • This will be a residential course and Training, Boarding and Lodging will be provided as part of the curriculum.
  • This Plumbing School has 18 demo labs, 2 Plumbing workshops for Practical’s, 2 Class rooms for theory classes with Solar System on terrace, sewage water treatment, raw water tanks, pumps recirculation systems, visual display boards of all types of plumbing materials and models etc.,
  • State of art plumbing labs with world class facilities.

100% placement given for first batch of Plumbing School with Sobha Developers

Meet the first successful batch of Certified Plumbers

SL   No Name of the Students.
1 Anugar Sharma
2 Ashru mochan sahoo
3 Lokesh
4 Madesh
5 Mahadeva Gopalanavar
6 Mahantesh S Murgod
7 Mani G.
8 Prakash K
9 Prakash Kanmeen
10 Praveen Devagirikar
SL   No Name of the Students.
11 Rahil Pasha
12 Rahul tudu
13 Rajendra S
14 Ramachandra jadghav.
15 Ravi
16 Sagar S Murgod
17 Santhosh D Ambeger
18 Sunil S.
19 Vinodhraj D. H.

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