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MidTown Rotary Ashirvad Skin Bank

Bangalore, 30th March 2016: Mr.Sharana Prakash Patil, Honourable Minister of Medical Education, Government of Karnataka inaugurated ‘MidTown Rotary Ashirvad Skin Bank’. Ashirvad Pipes volunteered to fund for the infrastructure of the Skin Bank. Mr.Pawan Poddar, MD, Ashirvad Pipes during inauguration said “We partnered BMCRI’s Victoria Hospital and MidTown Rotary with the objective of providing cost effective and quality burn care treatment to all burn victims from all sections of society.”

Run for a cause

Ashirvad Pipe participated in the ‘Run for a cause” organised by the Rotary Club of Bangalore supporting the orphanages and old home shelters around the city.