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The Global Reach

Innovation and Quality, is a way of life in Ashirvad. Ashirvad leverages local and global knowledge along with industry regulations and building habits, to provide consistently excellent customer service through its distribution partners to building installers, infrastructure contractors and others. Ashirvad strives to bring several more plumbing, sanitary and drainage products to the Indian market.



In 2013, Ashirvad entered into a JV with Aliaxis SA based in Brussels. Aliaxis is one of the largest companies based in Europe, manufacturing plastic products for transportation of fluid for residential and industrial purpose. It has presence in 40 countries, employs over 15000 personnel and has a turnover of approximately 3 billion Euros annually. Ashirvad is a reputed brand name in the Indian plumbing industry and this JV with Aliaxis has given us a new dimension in the market. We are now on a stronger footing, with access to better technology and with knowhow from Aliaxis, we have introduced several new products in the market in the last two years.


In 2004 Ashirvad became a licensee of Lubrizol Corporation, the biggest manufacturer of CPVC Compound in the world. Lubrizol is a Berkshire Hathaway Company based in U.S.A. Today Ashirvad is, perhaps, the biggest customer of Lubrizol. Ashirvad is one of the largest manufacturers of CPVC pipes and fittings in India.

Ashirvad manufactures several world class sanitary products with know how from Aliaxis