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Products Introduction

Ashirvad acts as a catalyst and constantly endeavours towards increasing the efficiency fluid handling and waste management systems to make life simpler and easier. The product base has been enhanced through the years so as to suit the customer’s requirements better. Ashirvad also leverages local and global knowledge of the industry to provide more efficient products and the best possible service to the end customer, on a continuous basis.

Plumbing Overview

Ashirvad has been in the business of providing solutions for management of water for the last several years. Right from being a part of the system for pulling out and transporting underground water for agriculture purpose, to managing hot and cold water in the plumbing pipe lines in your restrooms and up to its final disposal into the municipal sewerage lines.

cPVC Products

Ideal for hot and cold water supply. Ashirvad is a licensee of Lubrizol - USA, manufacturing and marketing FlowGuard™ Plus CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) hot and cold water systems in India.


SWR Products

Faster plumbing leak-proof joints. The Yellow Seal™ holds itself permanently in the ‘groove’ and does not fall out. The rubber ring ensures leak free joints and helps compensate for the thermal expansion and contraction of plastic.


Low noise SWR Products

Ashirvad Low Noise (Silent and Silent Plus) SWR systems deliver a convincing performance distinguished by superior quality and excellent noise insulation values.


Aqualife Products

Ideal for cold water applications. Ashirvad manufactures lead free UPVC Aqualife solvent weld plumbing systems, which are a true Engineer’s delight and ideal for cold water plumbing applications.


Underground Products

Smart and efficient drainage system. Ashirvad Underground system is a complete solution for drainage and sewerage application. Being 100% watertight, it is free from ingress and seepage of water and hence considered to be most hygienic. Unlike conventional drainage products, it is free from pollution of underground water, soil or ill effects on building foundations.


Sanitary Overview

Ashirvad has almost all the answers. We also manufacture several world class sanitary products with knowhow from Aliaxis. This includes concealed valves, ball and butterfly valves, bottle traps and WC pan connectors. The special items manufactured by us are grease / solid interceptors and fire collars.


Agriculture Products

Ashirvad was the first to give to the world, column pipes, also known as riser or drop pipes, made from PVC. Historically, column pipes were made of Galvanised and mild steel but they had certain inherent disadvantages like high price, transporting / handling issues, rusting and scaling after a few years. Today, Ashirvad is the pioneer and the largest manufacturer and exporter of UPVC column pipes in the world.


Coloumn Pipes

Ashirvad pipes has been relentless in its commitment to quality and service since 1975.With its base in Bangalore, Ashirvad pipes is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company with a constant endeavour towards highest level of customer satisfaction.


V4 UPVC Column Pipes

Specially designed for V4 (100mm) submersible motor pumps. Available in size: 1, 11/4 & 11/2, and can withstand 12.5 kg/cm2 & 15 kg/cm2 pump delivery pressure. The pipes have a high tensile strength of 50 N/mm2 and have high load bearing square type threads. Depth of installations can be easily changed as per water table.

We wish to inform you that since 10 years we are using Ashirvad products, quality it is very good, performance and service wise we are very much satisfied.