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Ashirvad Sanitary Products

Ashirvad has almost all the answers. We also manufacture several world class sanitary products with knowhow from Aliaxis. This includes concealed valves, ball and butterfly valves, bottle traps and WC pan connectors. The special items manufactured by us are grease / solid interceptors and fire collars.

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Waste and traps

Bottle traps are suitable for connection to polypropylene, unplasticised PVC pipe (SWR Pipe). These are designed to maintain a water seal under normal operating conditions. This water seal prevents the foul air from the main sewer line entering the rest rooms and living areas. Ashirvad chrome plated bottle traps are ABS material, a durable material offering rigidity and strength and they are easy to install. The simple non-mechanical action ensures retention of adequate water seal even under extreme syphon conditions. Ashirvad has introduced three different variants of accurately designed waste couplings for the Indian market.

Technology from Jimten – Spain

Pan Connectors

To connect toilets with horizontal/vertical outlets to standard SWR pipework, Ashirvad has introduced a new range of products that are plumber friendly in nature and moulded in high grade engineered flexible plastic. The connectors have a simple pushfit assembly and tolerate movement. They are leak, odour proof (with multiple fins) and can connect different pipe materials. Ashirvad Pan Connectors are created with technology from Multikwik, UK and are available in straight and offset of 18 mm and 40 mm.

Technology from Multikwik – UK

Concealed Valves

Ideal use for isolating bathroom from main supply line and can also be used for operating butterfly jet on WC. Ashirvad has a combination of concealed valves and a spout in place of wall mixer. The diameter are r½ inch and ¾ inch with short or long stem length, as per your requirement.The mechanism is ¼ turn and multi-turn available for both CPVC and uPVC pipes with square, round or triangular knob

Technology from Durman – Costa Rica

Ashirvad manufactures several world class sanitary products with knowhow from Aliaxis.